Women making history in El Dorado County
This special exhibit highlights the women whose artifacts and photographs are in the County Museum's collection
JUNE 2019 - JUNE 20121

Throughout history there are many influential women who have lived in El Dorado County with important stories to tell. This exhibit is dedicated to the many women in El Dorado County's past who met the demands of their times, sometimes pushing boundaries, and inspiring us to face the challenges of today.
As you walk through this Museum Exhibit, the stories we share about women who lived and worked in El Dorado County are just a tiny selection of the many stories out there. The women selected is based on the known history of artifacts in the Museum's collection, historical photographs preserved, and documents by and about these women in the Museum's Research Room. 

Gertrude Kirk, Margaret Kelley and Georgia Leoni are three such women, represented in these displays. 

Beautiful quilts, such as this c.1890 Crazy Quilt made by Sarah Ingham, and Pillow made by Lucinda Nail, were donated to the County Museum and will be on display through June 2021. Stella Ralston Tracy left a bequest in 1968 to the El Dorado County Historical Society of the furnishings from her fine home and her personal effects, including some of the dresses she owned over a 50 year period, some of which can be seen on exhibit.

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Artifacts - the things used by miners and then lost or discarded when no longer useful...spoons and knives, boxes and containers, bottles and tools...

On display at the County Museum